Q: Why do professional photographers cost more?

A: Because you are paying for their time, talent and experience and all that it takes to be able to create those beautiful precious images that you are proud to showcase on your walls .  Many think the only time a photographer invests is the time during your session. that is only a small portion of the time involved in custom photography.  There is many hours that include from prepping the studio before the session 30min-1 hrs, Actual studio session time 2-4hrs ,. cleaning up and washing blankets and props 1-2 hrs. Uploading and backing up photos 1 hr.  Sorting and editing the photos for your gallery 4-7 hrs . Time to upload gallery and placing orders and fulfilling orders for the client.  So anywhere from 10-17+ hrs for each client. Plus all the marketing and running costs and time it takes to run a business.    How much would you work for an hr?? $3 per hr. I don’t think so .  There is also all the studio equipment and cameras and props – over 10K worth that is used for your session. Anyone can pick up a $600 DSLR and take photos but can they compare to a professional grade DSLR? Hiring a professional photographer based on their style you can be confident that the images captured will be of great quality and what you are hoping for. An amateur photographer may have a nice portfolio , but you don’t know is that they might be compiled from a few good images from 100.s of tries – and if they shoot your session there may only be 1 or 2 good images instead of a whole gallery of great images that a professional photographer will capture for you . A professional photographers has years of experience and knows exactly what to do to create those great photos for you and also the creativity in post processing to turn your images into a piece of art !! When dealing with newborn photography its imperative that your photographer be an expert on baby safety . you are handing over your pride and joy into their hands. you want to make sure they know how to handle babies in a safe way to capture those cute poses we all love. Some photos are actually composites of several photos and some amateurs may not know the correct and safe way to work with babies. I do not want to put down amateur photographers as we all need to start somewhere but the old saying “” you get what you pay for”” is kind of true, there is a lot more to creating an artistic photograph that just pushing a button on a nice camera.  Its all about the whole experience as well for the client and for them to feel comfortable with the whole process from beginning to end.  The end result is having quality service, quality images and quality products that the photographer can order from company’s that only provide the best archival materials for you.  Are your precious memories worth way more and in years to come you are not going to think about how much it cost you will still look at that print or canvas on the wall and say WOW – I still love that photo – remember when they were that small !!! . Don’t be disappointed in your photos. They are only little for a very small time . 

Q: Do you do gift vouchers?

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Q: How far in advance do I need to call to schedule a session?

A:  If you’d like to book a session, it’s best to call about a month before the time you’d like to have photography done.   Having said that, I would encourage you to call anytime, even if you’re hoping to schedule a session only a few days out.  Occasionally I have clients that need to reschedule, and as a result I sometimes have session times open up last minute.

Q: Can I view all the photos from my session?

A: Unfortunately, I prefer not to do this . Simply because, I do sometimes catch odd faces, mid blinking, and far from perfect images SOOC (straight out of camera) Also, the more photos I offer you to view, the more difficult it becomes in making a selection. So all of my sessions are what is called ‘photographers choice.’ This allows me to go through your entire session and weed out the not so good ones, so I can present to you nothing but the best of the best. Plus this is a finished product, and I would never want to give you only half of my work 😉


Q: What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel my session?

A:  I understand that sometimes life happens, and even the best planning can’t prevent accidents or someone from getting sick.  I do ask that if at all possible you provide as much notice as possible if you need to reschedule, ideally 48 hours and at least 24.  I realize sometimes this is not possible, but the earlier you can let me know, the more likely I can contact someone who might be on the waiting list to take advantage of the open appointment time.

Again, please note that session fees are non-refundable.  However, in the event that you need to reschedule your session, they are transferrable to the new date.  In the event that you need to cancel the session due to sickness etc I will refund your session fee or you can transfer it to another day.

Q: How long do I have to choose my photos ?

A: Your private gallery will stay open for viewing for 7 days. Galleries that expire will require a $25 re-opening fee.Links that expire to download your digital images require a $25 extension fee for an additional 7 days When a gallery expires, it requires me to re upload your images into a folder, which can be time consuming.

Q: Am I able to get more photos than what is in my gallery?

A: I go through all your photos and selection the best images to showcase your session. I will discuss with you at your session how many images you may be interested in purchasing and this determines how many images I will edit for you to choose. For example if you are purchasing 10 images then I generally edit about 20 images depending on how the session went. If you do want extra images edited after the gallery has been loaded then there will be an additional fee for me to do this .

Q: Can I have the RAW images so I can edit them myself?

A: No, RAW images are property of Rhonda Clayton Photography and under no circumstances are they for sale.

Q: Can I upload my images to facebook or any other social network?

A: Absolutely! Your USB will come included with all of your images low res, sharpened for web viewing, and watermarked. Share your images with your friends and family! or tag them in the photo’s instead of sending the photo to each and every single person lol. All I ask is that you please tag me in your post and uploads and do not add any filters, crop, or alter my work or watermark.

Q: What about clothing? What should we wear?

A:  There are as many different thoughts about choosing the right clothing for your session as there are photographers.  This is a stressful thing for a lot of people, but it doesn’t need to be.  You can contact me if you have any questions but here’s a couple guidelines that I feel are important:

–  Wear your personality.  If you’re laid back and wear jeans and a t-shirt most days and that’s what you’re most comfortable in, dressing up in khakis and a button down shirt might not be the best clothing choice for your session.  My goal is to capture images that tell a story of who you are, and clothing is a big part of that.  10 or 20 years from now when you look back on your images, hopefully they remind you of who you were at that time in your life, not somebody you were impersonating.

–  Think of each person as a piece of a collective outfit.   Try to coordinate each piece (person) so the entire outfit (the whole family, couple or group) goes together.  This doesn’t mean that each person has to wear the same colour and/or style.  In fact, personally I feel images where everyone is wearing the same colour and style is a little, well, dated.  My passion is to capture you in an authentic and natural way, and let’s face it, not many families walk around on a typical day – or any day – wearing matching shirts and pants.  It’s completely fine for each person to be wearing a different colour (or variation of a colour), different (subtle) pattern, different style and/or different texture as long as it coordinates with everyone else’s outfit. 

–  When in doubt, bring options.  If you’re not sure about an outfit or piece of clothing, bring it and a few other options, and we’ll take a few minutes at the beginning of your session to decide what will photograph best.  On a related note, I also always encourage clients to bring anything (jerseys, hats, toys, stuffed animals, etc.) that has sentimental value or special meaning… we may or may not use everything, but it’s better to have the options and not need them

Q: How do I pay for my session?

A: Your session/retainer fee is due at time of booking for me to hold your spot for you. This covers my time and experience in the studio as well as any props or outfits that are available for clients to use.  It does not include any images.  The session fee can be paid via bank transfer, credit card/ eftpos and I send you an invoice with the details on it.  I also offer LATITUDE PAY AND AFTERPAY for those that wish to use it.  On the day of your session at least 25% of your package is due to be paid.  I have eftpos in my studio.. Otherwise you can pay for the package in full using eftpos, cash, LATITUDE PAY or AFTERPAY.

I also offer payment plans that you can customise to your budget. Just please understand that your order cannot be delivered until your payment has been received in full.

Q: Once my final selection is placed, how long does it take to get my photos and/or canvas,s etc ?

A: Usually about 2 weeks is the delivery time from the post. I then will ring or email you to notify you that your products have arrived and will arrange a pick up time that suits the both of us. I generally order from the printers once a week . Orders for your canvas and other products may take longer to arrive .

Q: Are there any restrictions with what I can do with my digital images

A:  When you purchase digital image files, you will receive a copy of the limited print reproduction release for personal printing usage.  This gives you the right to print the files as often as needed and to use the images however you’d like for personal needs (scrap-booking, personal website(s), gifts for family and friends, etc.).  This does not include the right to resell the images in their original or altered state, and it does not cover using the image(s) for commercial use (packaging, brochures, business website(s), advertising pieces, etc.)

As the original creator of the images, legally I will still own the original copyright to your images and – with your permission – retain the right to use the images for marketing and promotional purposes.

Q: What should I expect on the day?

A: Portrait and maternity sessions take approximately one to one and a half hours but will vary depending on outfit changes and the number of people in the session. Location sessions are an option if you wish to do so. These are usually done later in the day say about 5pm or after as it is not so hot and bright

Newborns: An average newborn session takes from 2-4 hours, this allows for plenty of time for newborns to be fed, settled, changed and simply cuddled. 


Q: When should I book a maternity/newborn shoot?

A: Maternity shoots: It is recommended that maternity photos are taken between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy, before you start to feel too heavy and uncomfortable.

Newborn shoots: Rhonda is heavily in demand and therefore it is essential that bookings are made as soon as possible. Bookings should be made during the pregnancy as it is highly preferred that shots are taken between 3 and 14 days of age. This is because newborns are more sleepy (and gorgeously squishy!) during this time. However if you haven’t made a booking you can always call and see if I have had a cancellation as sometimes babies are born late and I may have a session available.